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Do You Know Where Your Food Came From?

So many people have no idea how their food was grown or the person that grew it. That's a big problem. If we don't consciously choose our food we are missing out on opportunities to rebuild our soil, nourish our bodies, support our local economy, and form resilient communities.


Your Farmers

Are you in search of food that you can truly feel good about? We've been in your shoes and began growing food to nourish our family and reconnect with the earth. We understand how it feels to want to look your farmer in the eye and follow the process of how your vegetables made it to your plate.

Our farm is about more than providing a box of great tasting vegetables each week. Its about building community through food.

Introducing Rosebird CSA and Farm Collective

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a farming model in which consumers purchase food directly from the farmers who grow it. In the winter and spring, CSA Members pay in advance for a share of the food to be grown during the upcoming season.

By investing in our farm each year, Members help ensure the ongoing presence of their local farm in the community, and become connected with their food and the people who grow it.

We are partnering with several other Kingman local farms in 2020 to expand our offerings and provide a more well-rounded local eating experience. You will now be able to purchase everything you need to get dinner on the table from fresh greens to fluffy bread to grass fed beef.

"The organic veggies are delicious. What I like is the variety of choices that are available. I am new to Organic farming and Andrea is so willing to share recipes and healthy eating habits. Recommend to any one."

Peggy, CSA Member

Why join Rosebird's CSA?

Boxes packed just for you


Set your preferences and customize your box each week. Like grocery shopping but more delicious and less of a hassle.

On Your Schedule


You can support local and still have a life! Easily postpone and reschedule your deliveries with the click of a button.

Right to Your Door


No having to rush to pick-up. The veggies will come to you each week for an additional fee. That equals more time spent with family enjoying beautiful meals.

& Unparalleled Freshness


Yep, our greens last more than two days and are loaded with nutrition. All of our veggies are harvested and packed to order. You're sure to be glowing.

What's in the box?!

Imagine snapping open the box lid and finding perfectly packed portions of colorful and crisp vegetables. (Yeah, it’s like Christmas every week).

With three sizes to choose from, multiple frequencies, and several add-ons you'll have everything you need to eat locally all week long.

"Signing up for the CSA is the best decision I've made in a while. I'm eating and cooking things I wouldn't normally pick up from the store."

Alex, CSA Member

How To Sign Up

Select Your Share

Choose your size, frequency, add ons, and pick up location.

Pay Deposit

Only a 25% deposit is required to hold your spot.

Set Preferences & Get Ready to Eat!

Set your preferences for each vegetable and get ready for an awesome season of eating.

Proud To Be

Certified Naturally Grown farmers don't use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicide, or GMOs, just like certified organic farmers. The main difference between CNG and organic is our certification model, which relies on peer inspections, transparency, and direct relationships. 

Follow Us!

A love for good food runs through our veins. Not just good for our taste buds: but good for our bodies, good for our communities and good for the Earth. Our small scale farm aims to provide Kingman with fresh produce thats meets all of these criteria season after season. Our system of perennial and annual plants, animals, and permaculture practices works to build up and nurture our land.


We work with our hands to take care of the soil the way it should be which in turn provides us with quality and nutrition unmet by anything found in a grocery store. No GMO's, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers, just plain good food. If this sounds like something that you can get behind, well then, it seems you are in good company. Come along as we turn this little dream of ours into reality, we'll bring the veggies.


Interested in our CSA or want to get your business set up with a wholesale account? Shoot us a message and let us know how we can help you!



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